Beauty Academy to open in New Mexico

The Beauty Academy of New Mexico is about to open its doors to women and girls, offering an affordable, accessible, and innovative learning experience.The academy will be located in Tempe, New Mexico, and will have classes on everything from body awareness to the basics of makeup.The school is a subsidiary of the beauty giant, Tuana […] →Read more

How to make your Instagram profile feel like a spa with this makeup tutorial

You don’t have to be a beauty queen to enjoy the power of Instagram.But the beauty industry needs to be better at marketing its products to make its products seem appealing to your eyes, skin, and mood.To do that, Instagram needs to offer an assortment of beauty tutorials and product samples, all packaged in a […] →Read more

How to build your own beauty academy: 3 tips

What’s the best way to get into the art of beauty?I think that there are 3 basic steps, the first one is to build an audience.The second step is to connect with potential clients, and the third step is the most important step.I have been in the business for over 30 years, I have seen […] →Read more

When you apply mascara, your lashes are looking fuller and fuller

If you’ve ever wanted to see your lashes look like you’ve got big, long, curly lashes, you’ve come to the right place.This is the best mascara that will make you look like a model or even a real-life version of Kate Upton. →Read more

How to get to Louisville beauty Academy in Louisville, KY

A new beauty academy is opening in Louisville and one of its perks is being able to get in and experience some of the city’s best.According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, the new beauty school is located in a vacant lot on West Virginia Highway 7.The beauty academy offers classes from beginner to advanced, including facial […] →Read more

Which Kentucky schools are most expensive?

More than one in four students attending elite public high schools in the U.S. are enrolled in private colleges, according to a report by the Association of American Universities.But for those students, tuition is much higher, costing as much as $11,000 per year.Among those that don’t graduate with a degree, the cost can be as […] →Read more

‘Truly Beautiful’ Salon With Beautiful and Authentic Beauty

SANTA CRUZ >> With a twist: The sanctuary beauty academy at Rosemary Rosemary Garden Academy is now open for business.The sanctuary is a collaboration between RosemaryRosemaryGarden, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that provides holistic, holistic education and training to individuals and families with children, and the San Francisco Museum of Art, with the goal of fostering […] →Read more

‘You have to love your hair’: How to find beauty in India’s  beauty lashes

I don’t know what makes a man love his hair, but I know what is making a woman love it.I know that if a woman loves her hair, it is because of its beauty.But I also know that, for some women, love of their hair is due to its rarity and value.India has over a […] →Read more

Why you need to visit Birmingham to discover the best beauty academy in England

Birmingham is the jewel in the crown of the beauty industry, and with a wealth of facilities to suit all skin types and preferences, there’s nothing quite like it.So, whether you’re an aspiring professional or simply looking to find a place to practise your craft, we’ve compiled a list of the best places in the […] →Read more

L.A. Lakers win first of back-to-back titles, beating L.I. Lakers 76-75 in double overtime

L.O. Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell scored 20 points, including a three-point play, as the Lakers beat the Los Angeles Lakers 76, 76 in double OT Monday night.Los Angeles won the first of three straight, a 95-92 win over the Indiana Pacers on Friday.The Lakers (16-7) have won five of six and are riding a five-game […] →Read more