How to find and book beauty schools in Germany

You can find beauty schools across Germany with a search engine like Google, which is designed to help you find the best schools for your personal needs.This is not the case if you’re searching for a beauty school in the UK or a private beauty school, or for a school which is based outside of […] →Read more

What the hell happened to the new beauty academy?

The new beauty school at the New York City beauty academy has been shuttered, and its parent company has reportedly closed the New Jersey franchise as well.A New York Daily News report says that Beauty Academy was “suddenly shuttered in June,” and that the parent company is “shutting down the entire New Jersey brand” and […] →Read more

How to save your lashes for the new year!

It’s no secret that the holidays can be a bit tricky for anyone who loves lashes.This year, however, there are plenty of new ideas and tricks you can use to keep your lashes in style, even if you don’t want to buy new mascara or do a full-face application.1.Make it easy and quick by adding […] →Read more

How to create the perfect outfit for your wedding day

I’m wearing a wedding dress, so I’m going to make sure I have some fun with it.I’m also going to wear my favorite wedding shoes.The idea is to make it easy for my bridesmaids and my bridal party to look stylish in a way that they’re going to be comfortable.This dress and shoes can be […] →Read more

How to take a selfie with a cute baby with a tiny penis

If you’re going to take the selfie, it may as well be a selfie that makes you feel pretty.That’s what some women in New York City are saying after they saw a picture of their newborns cute little pudgy little penis.“It was just like I’m a baby with little hands and little hands,” said the […] →Read more

Top 3 best school uniforms for ladies

The top 3 best-looking school uniforms available to young girls are the ziba beauty and royal beauty academies.Both are owned by the Chichester School of Beauty, and both have a long tradition of wearing colourful and flattering outfits.The ziba is one of the most iconic schools uniforms, with its wide shoulder strap and wide sleeves.It’s […] →Read more

A brand new salon opens in Georgia: The Lashes

The new salon is an innovative new approach to beauty that combines the old and the new, the old with the new.Lashes are the most popular brand of mascara on the market, but the brand has struggled in the marketplace since it launched in 2015.The new Lashes salon is one of the first in the […] →Read more

How to find the best beauty academy in your area

In this article, Recode’s editor-in-chief, Kara Swisher, and Recode Editor-in, Ryan Shapiro, explain the beauty academy and what it means to be an “accredited beauty school.”Recode is the leader in tech for tech stories and recaps the most important tech stories of the day.Recode was founded in 2004.Learn more about Recode from our archives.Recodes tech […] →Read more

What you need to know about ‘beauty culture’

From the moment a new beauty is born, her parents are the ones guiding her to the best advice they can.They are the people who understand that she will have the best chance of finding the best beauty products for her skin, and that the right skin care products are essential for achieving the best […] →Read more

Atlanta Beauty Academy, which opened in 2012, is being sold to a Chinese beauty firm

Atlanta, Ga.— The Atlanta Beauty Academies is being bought by a Chinese company that plans to bring its brand of beauty schools to the U.S. and China, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.The Beauty Academy in Atlanta is one of two Chinese-based beauty schools in the U-S.that began offering classes in 2008.It is also […] →Read more