Which beauty academies will have the best new arrivals?

Advanced Beauty Academy (ABC) is looking to make a big splash in the upcoming season after a record-breaking year, after signing seven new stars.

The Blues signed former Australian national team star Ashley Cole and former Manchester United defender Jordan Pickford from Bemidjian Beauty Academy.

Bemidja Beauty Academy’s first signing was Australian defender Matt Ritchie, who signed for £7.7m from Birmingham City.

Ritchie scored eight goals for the Blues and is one of two Blues to make the cut in the Premier League this season.ABC academy coach Ben O’Sullivan said Bemids academy was well placed to compete for top honours.

“It’s a fantastic facility and one of the best in the country,” he said.

“We’ve got a lot of top-class players here and they’re going to get opportunities.”

This year was an incredible year for us and we’re looking forward to getting back to where we were last year.

“The Bemidi Academy’s new arrival is Jordan Pickridge.

Picture: Paul Kane Source: News Corp Australia /SuppliedABC academy manager Ben O ‘Sullivan said the Blues had signed seven players this year, but would be looking to add more to their squad as the season draws to a close.”

There are still a few new faces but we’re excited to add some new faces to the squad,” he told news.com.au.”

If we can do that we will have a squad that is really strong in terms of what we’re trying to do at this level.

“Our target this season is to be in the top eight and that’s the aim and we want to do that.”ABC Academy head coach Ben ‘Shirley’ O’ Sullivan says the Blues have signed seven new players this season, but will be looking for more signings as the year draws to an end.

“I think we’re really focused on trying to improve this team and hopefully get better in terms with players we have coming in,” he explained.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to do better than last year.”

But we’re also really excited to have a lot more quality in the squad.

“Newme Beauty Academy coach Scott D’Agostino said the club’s academy was one of Melbourne’s most successful in recent years.”

A lot of people have been following us and the level of excellence we’re able to achieve in the first-team environment has been outstanding,” he added.”

The academy is very competitive and there’s a lot to improve.

“Newme is an elite facility with top quality talent, but we also have the potential to compete with other top clubs.”

Newman Beauty Academy is another new arrival to the Bemi and has been a huge success with two players making the cut this season – defender Josh McGuire and midfielder Michael Molloy.

Newman Academy coach Craig Wright said the academy was a strong squad with plenty of potential.

“They’ve had some outstanding players on the way through the academy and they’ll be playing a very prominent role this season,” he revealed.

“Josh McGuire is an amazing player.

He’s a real good kid and will be very good for us.””

Michael Molloys goal for Newme is really good and he’ll be a really exciting player for us.

He plays a really good game and we’ll get him playing against the big boys.”

Melbourne Victory academy manager Steve Womack said he was confident of making the grade at Melbourne Victory, after bringing in five new players from Melbourne Beauty Academy last year, including former Australian international Paul Kelly and Newman Academy academy prospect Ben Young.

“Melbourne has had some really good signings this year and they’ve had the ability to get some really top-quality players through,” he remarked.

“Everyone’s been playing at the top level in the academy, so I’m very excited to see what we can build on.”

Bemi Beauty Academy academy coach Scott O’Brien said he hoped the club would make it back into the top 16 in the competition, which the Blues missed out on last year by one point.

“Having gone to Bemis last year it was disappointing for us to miss out on getting into the Top 16 last year,” he lamented.

“That really put a lot on the shoulders of us as we had a great year in Melbourne.”

“But the quality of the talent is going to be a massive advantage to us this year.”

New Zealand midfielder James O’Connor said the new arrivals were a big boost to the club.

“As a player who has played in the game for 20 years, you always get used to a good mix of players and we’ve got the right mix of young players and experienced players, so that’s been great for us,” he joked.

“At the moment, we’re enjoying a lot and hopefully we can stay on top of our game