How to Make a Belly Button for your Black Beauty Academy

What do you do when your skin is naturally looking like this?

Well, you might want to go and get a belly button to replace it.

And if you’re not going to go that route, we’ve got a few tips for you.1.

Go With a Face and Body ColorBelly buttons have become a trend in recent years, but the trend isn’t limited to women of color.

Some black women have gone the route of adding an outer layer to their skin to create a more natural look.

For those of us who don’t have the opportunity to do this, here’s how to do it yourself.2.

Use a Liquid Lipstick3.

Use an Outer Skin ColorFor black women who have oily skin, adding an additional layer of color to your skin can be a major turn-on.

This means adding a lipstick or concealer to your cheeks, lips, and underarms.

It’s not the same as adding a face concealer, but it can give your skin an extra lift.4.

Use the Right Color for Your BodyColor can be one of the biggest turning points in a relationship.

For instance, some black women opt to make their lips and/or face look more pale and less oily, while others opt to add a subtle tint to their complexion.

These are all things that can make a difference in how your partner feels about you.5.

Get Your Makeup DoneThe last thing you want is to look like you’re having a lot of fun when you’re trying to find your next face look.

That’s why it’s important to have your makeup done well in advance.

Makeup can look amazing for a few weeks and then you’ll want to get your makeup in for a major look.

Here’s how.1 .

Find a Makeup Master to Do It for YouHere are a few makeup artists you can contact who can do this for you:1.

Tanya Jackson of Makeup AddictionTanya Jackson is a black makeup artist who works in Brooklyn and can help you get your makeup done in a quick and painless fashion.

She also has a website where you can shop for makeup.2 .

Natasha Gennaro of Cosmetics & Beauty Natasha Gannaro is a makeup artist from Chicago who has been doing this for a long time and can make your makeup look amazing.

She has also created a book called Makeup for Black Women.3 .

Cosmo CosmeticsCosmo Cosmo is a Black beauty artist from Atlanta, who can create amazing looks for you with her makeup.

She does her own custom-made skin-color eyeliner, eyeliner powder, mascara, and lipglosses.4 .

Beauty for Black Beauty by Tanya Johnson Tanya is a New York makeup artist, and she is a Certified Black Beauty Artist, an authority on the art of black beauty and a certified professional in all facets of the art.5 .

Makeup MakeupFor those of you who are new to the Belly button trend, there are a couple ways to get started.

You can look to Tanya and Natasha to do your makeup.

Or you can find an makeup artist you trust and ask them to do the job for you for a price.1 / 3 | Natasha Gazzola, CosmoCosmoCosmohydeTanya is the one with the experience.

Natasha and Tanya are known as the two go-to-be-the-best makeup artists in the industry.

They have a long list of clients and have helped countless beauty queens become super-models.

They’re also passionate about making your skin look beautiful.

Here’s what they’ve to say about the Bally Bellybutton trend:CosmohoCosmoshoe Natasha Gavronos has been a beauty pro since 2007.

She is a certified black beauty artist and has a very active Instagram.

She can also create a makeup look for any client, but she prefers to use her own brand of makeup.

Natasha also does a lot more work on her Instagram than she does in person.

Her Instagram is the perfect place to see how her makeup looks on a daily basis.

She’s a beauty icon in the community and has been featured on Cosmopolitan and Cosmopolitan magazine.

She’s also a certified beauty coach and is an authority in the artistry of makeup and is available for private consultation.

Her clients are Black women who are looking for the perfect makeup look, she said.

You don’t need to be a beauty guru to do her look.

She just has to tell you what she recommends, and you can then go find your own way.

If you’re looking for a different approach, Natasha is available to do all the makeup for you and then it’s on to the next client.

If you have oily, dry, acne prone skin, Natasha might be the person for you, because she specializes in blending makeup and her style is very different from the typical black beauty look. The