Beauty glam academy to expand its presence in metro Atlanta with new facility, location

Norwest Beauty Academy will begin offering its students the opportunity to work at a local beauty salon as early as July 2018.

The new Beauty glam Academy will open at the former Norwest Country Store on Southeast Main Street.

The beauty academy will have 10 full-time and one part-time positions.

The location was originally planned to be demolished in 2018 but the owners recently agreed to build the new beauty academy.

The Norwest beauty salon will remain open for now.

The Beauty glam club will also continue to operate in the former store.

The Beauty glam school has opened in Norwest, Ga., for the first time in more than 30 years.

It will expand its footprint in metro Atlantans and has also secured a lease at the newly renovated Norwest County Fairgrounds, said spokeswoman Jennifer Williams.

She said the school will offer an “additional number of opportunities for students to work as part of our Beauty glam” in addition to the Beauty glam studio.

The club will begin with its first class of students in May, said Lisa Miller, the school’s associate director of facilities.

In April, Norwest Academy opened its first beauty studio in the Norwest area of Atlanta.

Norwest Beauty Studio, a full-service beauty school, will open in the old Norwest country store on Southeast Middle Street, at 4500 S. Middle St., in September.

A Beauty glam beauty academy is a business that offers full-contact, professional hair, makeup, make-up, and hair accessories, according to the company’s website.

“Our goal is to give all of our students the chance to grow into the very best they can be,” said Norwest CEO Kelly Hinton in a news release.

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