Birmingham school district seeks $20M for beauty academy

The Birmingham School District is seeking a record $20 million from the federal government for a new program to help children with special needs.

The district plans to build the new facility at the former Birmingham Beauty Academy, which opened in 2008.

It will also add a second new facility that will offer mentorship and educational opportunities to students with special learning needs.

It’s part of a $10 million initiative announced Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Education to provide funding for education and other services for children with learning disabilities.

The new facility will provide up to 30 mentoring sessions and an educational program, according to the district.

It is the first facility to be built in the district’s 40-year history.

The $20-million grant will be awarded through the federal Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, or OSPERS, and will be administered through the U,S.

Agency for International Development’s Office for Minority Business Development.

Birmingham Mayor William Bell has said he expects the new school will be an economic boost for the community.

The school district plans more than 700 students to receive mentoring through the program, which will be led by a special education instructor and have a curriculum that will be customized for each child.

It also will offer programs for students with learning difficulties.

The first facility opened in 2003 in Birmingham and opened a second facility last year.

It was named for the late Birmingham native, who had special needs and had his eye removed for complications from a stroke.

The school is now the largest for special needs in the city.

Birchland has been one of the most successful in the country for investing in its special needs population.

Last year, the district had more than $9 million in state grants for the development of a second school for special education students.