AFRO beauty academy opens in Bangalore

AFROCORE, India, March 13 (UPI) — AFRONTCORE Beauty Academy, an international beauty school in Bangalore, has opened its doors.

The school, which opened in September, has received its first enrolment of students from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden, among others.

The academy’s founder, Alyssa Alves, told the Bangalore Mirror the school’s aim is to bring beauty to people who are in need.

She said, ‘The beauty of the world has a lot to do with people’s perception of it.

The beauty of beauty is something that’s shared by many, many people.’

The beauty that we do in the academy, we do because we love what we do.

We love being able to bring the beauty of our country, the beauty that India has.’

The school has trained hundreds of women since its founding.

The curriculum has been taught by former beauty queen Alyssalie Dickson, who founded the AFROMA, the first global women’s beauty training academy in 2007.

Dickson said she was inspired by her mentor and mentor’s mentor to create the AOFOCE.

She told the Mirror, ‘I thought the AofOCE was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.’

And then the beauty I saw in the beauty academy that they taught, I thought I could do the same.’

I have a beautiful, gorgeous daughter who is very much an inspiration for me.

It was my inspiration for AFROSCORE.’

The AOFOTCORE academy is run by the Indian Beauty Institute, an NGO that provides the training for young women to help them to achieve the perfect beauty.