Why a new beauty academy in France is killing beauty professionals

A French beauty academy is killing professional beauty professionals in France.

The Academie de la Beauty de la Marche, or “the Beauty Academy,” has been operating in the French capital since December 2015.

The academy, which boasts more than 300 graduates, has been accused of violating the rules on the establishment of an NGO.

The school has also been accused by human rights groups of being anti-democratic.

“The Académie de la Beautie de France is a very big and controversial institution,” French journalist Nathalie De Vries told Al Jazeera.

“They’re trying to control all the resources of the world and to put a monopoly on the production of beauty products.”

The academy has been criticized for its treatment of its students, who are often told to keep their hair long and wear a tight fitting top and a pair of glasses.

“When we came to the academy, we saw a lot of very ugly students.

They are very ugly, and their hair is too long,” De Vrie told Alja-M3 radio.

The French government is now considering whether to shut down the academy.

“We will ask the Commission for the Protection of the Fundamental Rights of the Child, which oversees the Académique de la Biologie de l’Etude du Département (BED) to close the academy,” Jean-Francois Raffael, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Sport, told French television station France 2.

“It’s an institution that has no ethical guidelines.”

The Academia de la Biodeologie d’Étude de la France (BBIE), also known as the BMD, has come under fire in the past for its anti-feminist, anti-Semitic and homophobic attitudes.

The school is also the only one of its kind in the world to not recognize gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

The BBIE has been ordered to stop teaching children from kindergarten to 12 years old in schools across France.

“The BMD is in a position to dictate everything about our young children,” one teacher told French TV station BFM.

The group’s founder, a former doctor, has said the school’s focus is on gender and not gender identity.

He has been arrested for anti-Semitism and a hate crime, as well as for encouraging his students to commit acts of violence.