Why is stillwater beauty school so good?

A beauty academy in northern Ireland is set to open next year after the Government said it would cover the cost of the academy.

The Academy of Beauty and Science, at the city’s west coast town of Mullaghmore, is set for completion next year.

The Government said the money would be paid for by the Government of Northern Ireland.

The money will be used for the operation of the school, the building, and the training of teachers.

The school, which is being funded by a local authority grant, is one of many in Northern Ireland which are funded by the NI Regional Development Fund.

The government says the money will enable the academy to offer a range of classes for pupils from under-five to middle-aged adults.

It said the school would be open on the first of the year and would employ more than 2,000 people.

The cost of operating the school has not been decided but a spokesman said: “We expect the Academy to be funded by NI Regional Investments in the year to come.”

In the Northern Ireland budget this week, the Government confirmed it would invest £3.6m into schools.

It also announced plans to set up a “Northern Ireland Beauty” and “Northern Irish Beauty Academy” in the capital city.

The new school will offer children from five to 14 years old, who are not registered in the north of Ireland, a chance to learn a variety of subjects.

It will also be open to girls aged 16 and 17.

In a statement, the academy said:”The School will offer a high-quality educational experience for all students, while also providing a platform for the cultural exchange between the schools.”

The school will also serve as a platform to promote the positive messages of beauty and science.

“It said that, from the age of eight, pupils will be offered a range on beauty, including: “the importance of wearing your makeup, the importance of self-expression and the importance and power of self care”.

The new beauty academy will also offer a “naturalistic” approach to learning, which will include art, music, drama, theatre, dance and art therapy.