What you need to know about Parisian beauty academies

PARIS (AP) — There are two major beauty acadums in Paris: one for the rich and famous and one for ordinary Parisians.

The first, called Parcel des Arts, opened its doors in the French capital in 2006, and now offers some of the most prestigious classes in the city.

It is now run by the French government, which hopes to turn the school into a model for other places that want to open similar schools.

Its director, Michele Parlacqua, says the schools aim to give students a chance to pursue their dreams of beauty.

“The aim is to create a future that has no limits,” she said.

The other academy is called Belle Étoile, run by a private company called Belle and Co. It offers more basic classes and has no formal connection with the Paris schools.

Belle Étouile is now under the control of the state.

It also says it is a model of education and that it offers a chance for the wealthy to follow their dreams.

But Parlaccqua says the school aims to be more ambitious.

“We are not here to be a model,” she told the Associated Press.

If you can’t imagine it we will not be able.” “

If you can imagine it, we will be able.

If you can’t imagine it we will not be able.”

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