‘Beauty is a way of life’ – afro beauty,aspens beauty academy to accept women and children

Aspen Beauty Academy is taking a bold step towards acceptance by offering women and people with disabilities access to the salon.

Aspen Beauty academy has launched its new gender-inclusive salon at The Garden Inn, in Aspen, in the northern region of The Netherlands.

‘Beauty for all’The new salon will cater for all genders and people.

“Beauty should be a way to express oneself and the way people express themselves,” said director Lina De Gea.

“In this way, we’re not looking to create something for only one group of people, but to make beauty accessible to everyone.”

The salon, which will open on August 30, will cater exclusively to people with disability.

De Gea said that the idea was to provide a space for people to express themselves and not just a place to put a face to a face.

“We are a salon, we are not a fashion studio, we want to be a place where we can connect people and show them their beauty,” she said.

“It’s a way for us to become a space where they can feel comfortable and not feel ashamed.”

De Geas also said that women and women with disabilities would be welcomed in the salon, despite the fact that they were not welcome in the main spa.

There are already a few female-only spaces in the country, she said, and it was important to make sure that there was a place for all.

De Geo said that, as a new salon, she had never met a male employee, but that she hoped to have the chance to work with men as soon as possible.

“I hope to meet people who are able to share the same passions and experiences that I have,” she added.

“The beauty salon will open with the help of an old-fashioned lady who knows how to do her job, and we will give it a little push.”

The Garden Inn has a history of offering women with different interests a place of their own.

In 2016, a small community in the town of Gouda hosted a celebration to mark the centenary of the town’s opening, and the garden was the centrepiece of the event. 

In 2016, the women of Goulthorpe, a town in the far north of England, took over a nearby spa, and were able to host a women-only salon.