How to find a beauty academy in Clarksburg

Clarksburg, WV — (AP) A new beauty academy called Come Out, created by Clarksburg High School graduates, has opened up a new space in Clarksville.

Clarksburg is home to more than 70,000 students and more than 500,000 residents, and its high school students have the best academic success rate in the state, according to a state report released last year.

But it’s not the only high school in the area that has a beauty school.

The school, which is named for the late Clarksburg high school coach Lorraine Morris, opened its doors in May.

The school’s director, Dr. Julie Brown, says the idea came about after students started showing interest in the new school and began applying.

Brown says the school is working on getting a larger space open so students can attend classes more frequently, as well as expand its curriculum and provide more mentoring.

She says that since the opening of Come Out last summer, the school has been getting more applications from students from all over the state and beyond.