What’s new in Sling TV channel?

The Sling TV app has been updated to allow you to subscribe to the Sledgeback Beauty Academy and TopCurl Beauty Academy channels. 

Sled TV has been a huge hit in the UK with 1.5 million subscribers, and it is set to expand to more countries in the coming months. 

“Sling is a platform that provides an unprecedented opportunity for kids to connect with their favourite shows and movies,” said Sling founder and CEO Anthony Horowitz.

“We are committed to making sure we bring the best shows and the best content to our subscribers across the world, and we are thrilled to be able to bring Sling TV to more of our users in the US and Canada. 

 We’ve also added new channels and features in Sled TV, including an interactive guide, the ability to browse channels in 360 degrees, and the ability to play your favourite shows in the background.” 

In addition to Sleeping Beauty Academy and TopCurl, Sler now also supports Saddleback Beauty academy and Beautiful Beasts academy. 

The Slinger TV app has been downloaded over 200 million times, and the channel is currently ranked #1 on the app store in the United States. 

In an update, the app added the Topcurl and Beauty Beasts areas. 

TopCat is now available on SlingTV, and will be available in Canada and the US in the coming weeks. 

You can check out the full update here.