‘The best-looking woman I’ve ever seen’: Watch the first-ever Academy Awards clip

In this week’s episode of “Beauty and the Beast,” the first clip from the new movie, “The Beauty and the Bully,” stars Emma Watson as Belle, who is looking like a cross between the original film’s Ursula and a Disney princess.

Watson is joined by her husband, Jack Black, who plays Gaston, the antagonist.

The clip features an all-new trailer that opens with a close-up of Watson and Black, and includes a brand new animated short.

The trailer opens with an all new animated trailer that begins with the iconic silhouette of Belle, as the first images of her new look come into focus.

The trailer then cuts to a close up of Watson, and a shot of Gaston standing with a small crowd of men, including Black.

The group then turns to a woman standing behind them, looking like Belle’s mother.

“Beauty” is the latest Disney princess movie from producer Jeff Robinov, whose previous films include “Moana” and “Brave.”

The movie is directed by Guillermo del Toro and features a strong cast of talented women.

It is the first film in Disney’s “Beautiful” series.

The film’s story revolves around the story of a young girl named Belle, and her quest to become the “Beautie” of her town, the enchanted island of Isla nubilosa.

Belle’s parents, who are all dead, are forced to take her in, but Belle must battle a horde of monsters that have been released by the evil sorcerer Gaston.

Belle then discovers a magical portal to the island, and must help save the town by defeating the evil sorcerers who have taken over the island.

The film is set in 1884 in a fictional village in Florida called Belle’s Town.