Why you should watch the new beauty academy Altoona Beauty Academy

You’ll love this new beauty school, which has been on the radar of many beauty aficionados.

Founded by the Altoonas daughter, Janna, and her husband, Matt, the Beauty Academy focuses on creating a unique and inspirational vision of beauty, inspired by the ideals of her parents.

The team has been busy in recent months, releasing three of their latest projects, The Black and the White, which are a series of interviews with top artists and models, and The Art of the Dress, which features a series that includes a selection of vintage dresses from the past.

While it’s not a beauty school in the traditional sense, it’s definitely different than the usual beauty schools, with a focus on fashion, beauty, and contemporary fashion.

Altoons founders Janna Altooni and Matt Altoón started their own beauty academy in 2016, and now the Academy has grown to include about 15,000 students.

As the brand continues to expand, it will be a natural progression to the more traditional beauty school model.

For now, the school has launched an app to allow fans to follow the Beauty Academies journey and see the work that they’re doing.

While the Beauty academy is a little different than other beauty schools that are based out of the United States, the Altonas and their team at Altoontas have been inspired by some of the most powerful women in the world.

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