Which brand is best for your beauty routine?

Beauty academy, a new Australian brand launched last week, promises to make beauty routine-style a reality.

The beauty academy’s mission is to make routine beauty the standard in the home.

Beauty academy has partnered with the beauty brand Lancome, with the two companies sharing a platform and a platform of expertise.

In a new campaign, the company promises to “build a network of trusted beauty professionals, with a vision of making beauty the best it can be”.

“With beauty academy we believe the beauty journey is not only about beauty, it’s about being healthy, happy and empowered,” a Lancome spokesperson said.

“We are thrilled to be working with Beauty Academy on our first partnership and we’re proud to have a company like Beauty Academy, whose vision of beauty is to transform everyday beauty into a foundation for health and wellbeing.”

The campaign features three beauty professionals from Lancome’s beauty team, and features the brand’s latest collection of products including the Lancome Beauty Beauty Bionic Eye Cover, Lancome Skin Perfector Cream, Lancôme Power Skin Conditioner and Lancôma Body Balm.

The Lancômes Beauty Bionics Eye Cover comes with a unique magnetic clasp to keep it in place.

The brand says the Bionic Eyebrow Cover is a perfect fit for people with small or medium-sized eyes.

The Skin Perfectors Cream comes in a sleek black case and has a unique microfiber coating that makes it lightweight.

Lancome Skin Care is a beauty product line that focuses on the skin and uses a unique formula that is formulated to absorb makeup and moisturise the skin.

The Power Skin Cream is a moisturising skin care formula that contains hyaluronic acid.

The Body Balms have a gel base that helps to hydrate the skin, and are made from organic materials.

These products are available at a range of beauty and personal care stores across Australia.

The Beauty Academy is the latest Australian beauty brand to roll out its own beauty platform, which was launched earlier this year.

Its aim is to bring more beauty products to the market and encourage people to seek out their own products.

Earlier this year, Beauty Academy announced that it was launching a new brand called Bionlax Beauty, which focuses on providing a more inclusive beauty experience.

Lancôme has been a long-term supporter of Beauty Academy and has previously collaborated with the company to produce a range and a line of skin care products.

Lacoste has partnered up with Beauty academy for the first time in an Australian brand, and is providing the brand with a range, which is designed to appeal to women in all stages of life.