When Georgia beauty academy was the first in the country to offer a transgender woman a job

A transgender woman who became a top talent at a Georgia beauty school has been accepted to a job at a new high-tech company.

A transgender woman named Ariane Pérez has worked at the Atlanta-based Beauty Academy since the school opened in 2009, according to her LinkedIn profile.

She is the first openly transgender person to work at an Atlanta-area high-speed training school.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Péez was hired by a company called GECO in the city of Atlanta on Thursday.

The Georgia Department of Corrections said it had no further information on the employee.

A spokesperson for the Georgia Department for Children and Families told the AJC that it was “aware of the report and is in contact with the appropriate agencies” to learn more about the employee’s employment status.

Péz has been out since February 2017, when she was released from the juvenile detention facility where she had been held.

She was in a different unit at the time and had been denied access to her locker.

She told the newspaper she was fired in June.