Why is Westland’s Beauty Academy in trouble?

Westland is facing an exodus of talent from its Beauty Academy, and the reason for the loss is unclear.

Westland Beauty Academy (WBA) has been operating since 2014 in Westlands.

In that time, it has been one of the most successful beauty schools in Australia and had been expanding its academy.

The academy now has fewer than 600 students and is not accredited.

The school has been forced to sell its two-acre property at the corner of Northgate and Westbourne Road.

The WBA has been unable to secure the funds needed to operate and is now in the process of selling.

The school was set up to promote women’s health, and is known for its extensive programs and clinics, such as the Women’s Health Summit.

The WA Premier, Scott Morrison, told the ABC the school’s success in expanding its programs, training its staff and opening up the community to women had been a key part of the state’s economic success.

“It’s an amazing, historic institution,” Mr Morrison said.

“They are the best-kept secret in the country, and they’ve been really important to Westland.”

Mr Morrison said he was pleased with the WBA’s move to sell the property.

“The fact they’ve done it is a very good sign,” he said.

Westlands Beauty Academy said it was still in discussions with the school about the sale.

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