‘A lot of people don’t know how to look after themselves’: Louisville Beauty Academy’s new ‘dietary specialist’

The Louisville-based beauty academy was founded by a group of parents who decided to take a stand against what they see as the harmful effects of the world’s obesity epidemic.

The new ‘nutrition specialist’ will be trained by an experienced professional and trained in the diet and health of women and men.

They also plan to create a website that will feature a ‘nutritionist of the week’ that will help to spread the word about healthy eating.

‘We will be giving them an idea of what to look out for and the best ways to achieve it,’ said Joanna Williams, the academy’s president and CEO.

‘The new dietist will be a professional and a good fit for us.’

‘We believe that we need to be able to give people the information that is helpful and useful to them and to help them make better choices,’ she added.

‘As a nutrition specialist, I want to help people find their nutrition goals and help them become healthier and fit.’

A spokeswoman for the academy said the academy is aiming to start offering its new nutritionist on the NHS in 2020.

They said: ‘This is an incredibly important role for the school and we are looking forward to having a nutritionist who will work alongside our staff to help us achieve this mission.’

A dietitian for the new dietitians’ role will be recruited through the school’s new programme of support and consultation, which aims to help the academy reach a wider audience.

‘It’s a unique opportunity for the young and talented to have a voice in their community and be able give back to society by working on the diet,’ Ms Williams said.

The school’s board also hopes the new role will provide a stepping stone for the girls.

‘They are already so strong in their academics, in the arts, and in their work that they can also provide that kind of support for girls,’ she said.

‘Our aim is that they are really going to give their voice to young people who want to do something about this issue and help shape the future of the community.’