How to save your lashes for the new year!

It’s no secret that the holidays can be a bit tricky for anyone who loves lashes.

This year, however, there are plenty of new ideas and tricks you can use to keep your lashes in style, even if you don’t want to buy new mascara or do a full-face application.


Make it easy and quick by adding some simple makeup tips to your routine.

You may think that mascara will look good on your lashes but if you look at the look of the picture, you can’t help but notice the mascara brush at the back of your hand.

The brush will help you get the best effect without having to go overboard.

The best part is that it won’t look messy or out of place in your makeup bag.2.

Make your lashes a little more dramatic with a simple brush stroke.

The tip of your brush can be the only part that you need to apply mascara to, and if you can find a cheap, easy-to-use brush that can create a little bit of volume, you’ll be sure to look professional and achieve the perfect look.3.

Make the brush as long as you can without touching it.

This will make the mascara look even longer than it actually is.

The extra length will allow your lashes to get a little extra volume and give you a more defined look.4.

Make lash curling a little easier by adding a little mascara in your eyes.

Make lash curlers are a good way to create the look you want without adding too much mascara.

The mascara will curl around your eyes for a subtle effect.5.

Use a tiny brush to apply a tiny amount of mascara.

Make a small brush and apply a little of mascara to the brush and use the tip to curl the mascara around your lashes.6.

Get a little boost of color with your eyeshadow by adding mascara in the crease.

The brush will make a big difference with your lashes, and the extra volume will add a little color.7.

Make a simple makeup look with a mascara brush.

If you want to keep things simple and to keep it natural, a brush with just a little makeup on it will do just fine.

This will help keep your makeup natural and make it look more natural than you would with the mascara in a tube.8.

Get an even-toned and beautiful eyeliner with your mascara brush to add a touch of sparkle to your lashes with a little help from your eye shadow.9.

Add a little eyeliner to your cheekbones with a brush that will add the best of both worlds.

The mascara will create a subtle and beautiful look, and your lashes will look amazing.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, there’s a lot more to make your eyelashes look even better with mascara and eyeliner, so you may want to take a look at these more eye-catching tips.1.

Get creative with mascara tips, too!

Mascara is definitely not the only thing that you should try with your new year.

Look at the new products that you can add to your makeup kit and make your lashes even more interesting.2/4/17