What the hell happened to the new beauty academy?

The new beauty school at the New York City beauty academy has been shuttered, and its parent company has reportedly closed the New Jersey franchise as well.

A New York Daily News report says that Beauty Academy was “suddenly shuttered in June,” and that the parent company is “shutting down the entire New Jersey brand” and is moving to “a new location.”

According to the report, the New Mexico-based company is also selling its other New Jersey beauty products.

The news comes as the New Hampshire-based beauty company, The Beauty Company, also closed its New Jersey store in June.

The company announced in August that it had ended its New York store as well, according to the News.

The new Beauty Academy closed its doors in New Jersey, but the New England-based Beauty Academy franchise, which also opened in 2018, is still open in New York.

The Beauty Academy is also being closed in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, according the News report.

According to a statement on the Beauty Academy’s website, the Beauty Company closed its brand in New Hampshire in March 2017.