What’s Next for Thailand’s Bangkok Beauty Academy?

Bangkok Beauty Academy (BBA) is being forced to close because of the government shutdown.

The news comes just two days after the BBA announced that it would be closing its doors. 

The BBA is the only Thai beauty salon that’s operated by a government-backed organization. 

BBA, a nonprofit founded in 2013 by former Thai president Prayuth Chan-ocha, has operated under the auspices of the National Health Ministry for the last four years. 

While the BBAs main goal is to provide quality cosmetic care for the countrys poor and underprivileged population, its also been criticized for its poor work environment. 

In the wake of the shutdown, many social media users took to social media to criticize the BBAt. 

“BBA has been the first choice for my friends and I who are currently unemployed.

If you are a student or a foreigner, please reconsider,” one user wrote. 

Another user tweeted, “BBA closed because they can no longer offer basic services and are not able to offer the services needed for the people who rely on it.

What the hell does this mean for the poor and homeless?” 

In an interview with RT on Friday, BBA chairman Yevreis Sarit, said the closure was due to a government directive to close BBAs private offices. 

Sarit added that the organization would be hiring a new employee to handle the operations of the BBAns new private office. 

According to BBA director of operations Thukchai Sarataporn, the closure of the private offices was due due to the government’s decision to impose new tax regulations and a reduction in the amount of government revenue. 

He said the government would not reopen the BBANs private offices until the new regulations were implemented. 

But there is still a way to go to get the BBByes private offices back. 

If you are not an employee of BBBye or don’t work for BBBya, you can still get a job at a local BBByea in the local market. 

You just have to show your current ID.

The current government tax regulations that are in effect until March 2019, means that private BBAs will be required to pay taxes on their income. 

On February 28, the BBBYE office in the city of Chiang Mai was closed by the government. 

However, on March 14, a new BBBYe office was opened in Chiang Mai. 

Earlier this month, a number of BBAs offices in the Thai capital of Bangkok were shuttered due to various government regulations.