Which beauty academy is the best in New York?

The first-place finisher at the 2018 NYC Beauty Academy Awards was Paramount Beauty Academy, which won Best Beauty Academy for its first-ever award.

The academy’s third-place runner-up, Albany Beauty Academy earned Best Beauty Academia.

Paramount, the nation’s oldest and largest beauty academy in the nation, has been operating in New Jersey since 1964.

Its sister academy, the Paramount Academy of Beauty, which is located in Brooklyn, has also won Best Academy Award for its third consecutive year.

 “Paramount Beauty Academies is the only one of the three to have won an Academy Award and two of the last three,” a spokesperson told The Hill.

“The other two have been awarded multiple awards, including two Oscars.”

The academy has been on a tear since its founding in 1964.

In 2017, it added a fourth-year to its lineup of top-ranked beauty schools.

A spokesperson for Paramount told The New York Times that the academy has more than 7,000 graduates, with a majority of them from the East Coast.

It has been a strong performer in the region for more than a decade, with the highest-ranked female student body in the country at about 100 percent of male students.

In addition, Paramount has a large number of Asian students and a significant number of Black and Latino students.

The academy also hosts events in the area, including one on February 6 for Black and Hispanic students at the city’s East Side College.

The school’s students have been a big draw in recent years for the city, as the region has seen a steady rise in the number of people coming to New York for business, education, and recreation. 

The city has also seen a significant increase in the percentage of Black, Latino, and Asian students attending the academy.

In 2018, more than 6,000 Black, Hispanic, and other students attended the academy, according to the New York City Department of Education.

In the past two years, the city has seen an increase in Black, Mexican, and Latino student enrollment by 20 percent, while the number attending Paramount jumped 40 percent.

“The increase in black, Latino and Asian enrollment is very important for Paramontas program, and it has been an important element for us as an academy to ensure that our students are welcomed into the community and feel at home,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said that the state is working with the academy to increase the number and diversity of students attending its programs.

The spokesperson also said that Paramount is expanding its student body to include Asian students.

Paramount’s third place finish at the Beauty Academy was impressive, but not as impressive as it might have been, said Nicole Fung, the founder of the Brooklyn Beauty Academy.

Fung was the first African-American woman to earn an award at the beauty academy.

She said that when she was a freshman at Paramount she was the only Black woman on the board.

“It was a bit of a shock to me because we had a number of girls on the other side of the board that were just a couple of kids,” she told The Daily Beast.

“It was very, very exciting.

And now we have a lot of girls coming up.”

Fung added that her academy is working to expand the size of its student bodies.

She said that she believes that Paramont will have the most diverse student body of any beauty academy and that it is a great fit for the school, given its location and the fact that the school is close to a large business district.

When asked about the popularity of Paramount among women, Fung said that her students are diverse.

They are so passionate about what they’re doing, and I think that they really feel it.” “

I think that that’s a big part of the reason why they like Paramount.

They are so passionate about what they’re doing, and I think that they really feel it.” 

The New York Academy of Dermatology, which has been running for 17 years, has a total enrollment of more than 40,000 students, according the New Jersey Department of Human Services.

It also has an Asian student population of about 3,500, which Fung attributed to the school’s location and its proximity to a number, like a business district and a major shopping center. 

“We have a high level of diversity of the student body,” Fung told The Times.

“There are students from all ethnicities and from all backgrounds.

We have a diverse group of students from every background.

I think they’re all extremely passionate about their work, and that’s really what’s made Paramount so special.”

 Fung said she has heard positive comments about Paramount’s diversity.

In addition to its diversity, the school has also been praised for its educational programs.

Fung praised Paramount for