What you need to know about the beauty industry’s latest recruit

What you don’t know about a new beauty school: What you do know about what you can expect in your next two years at a beauty academy: Why a beauty school could make you a millionaire.

The latest recruit at the Maryland beauty school was a woman who had been on the payroll of the American beauty industry for years.

She had been recruited for a year as a junior beauty teacher at the Beauty Academy of Maryland, a women’s-only academy.

She was paid $20,000 a year to teach a course in makeup.

That’s a pretty decent salary for a teacher at an academy, and it was the equivalent of $60,000 to teach at a large, national university, like the University of Maryland.

Maryland’s new beauty academy has grown rapidly over the past two years, according to documents reviewed by The Associated Press.

It has now become the nation’s second largest beauty academy.

More than 500 students now have scholarships to attend the Beauty academy, which is located in a renovated building on the outskirts of Baltimore.

It was built by former beauty and personal care mogul John B. Cosmetics.

The school has been recruiting in Maryland for years, and the number of women working there has doubled since 2010, according in some cases to the AP’s investigation.

The academy’s business is booming.

The company is a major force in the beauty and skincare industries, which have expanded across the country, but the school is most famous for recruiting students from the Maryland state beauty academy who have worked for beauty companies for decades.More: