Bellissimo Beauty Academy’s new location will feature a spa, spa rooms, and a yoga studio

BELLISSIMO, New York — Bellissimos Beauty Academy, a wellness and beauty school based in New York City, announced on Thursday it is expanding its campus at the intersection of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Battery Park, adding a new spa, a yoga class, and more space.

The Brooklyn College of Arts and Sciences, located on the Brooklyn waterfront, opened in 2017, with the launch of the first two Bellissimi Beauty Academy classes, a one-on-one and two-on to two-to-one class.

The classes feature a blend of traditional Chinese medicine, Brazilian and Brazilian-inspired Brazilian techniques, yoga, pilates, Brazilian-style massage, and traditional Chinese healing.

The new location is located at a site previously used for a nearby hotel, and will also feature a bar.

Bellissimoes Beauty Academy has been offering yoga, Pilates, and Brazilian and traditional healing to adults since 2008.

In addition to the spa, the academy will offer a spa that offers a blend on-site and in-house Brazilian, Brazilian/Brazilian-inspired, and Chinese healing techniques, along with a Brazilian-themed food menu, including Brazilian dishes and dishes inspired by the Chinese food of the area.

The new location, located at 557 West 41st Street, is currently the only Bellissima Beauty Academy on the West Coast, with more locations expected to open soon.

The academy’s website says it will have a space for two- to four-hour classes.

The first two classes, which will run every Saturday and Sunday from April to October, will focus on traditional Chinese Chinese healing, yoga and Pilates.

The third class, which is scheduled to begin on March 28, will offer traditional Brazilian and Chinese Brazilian techniques.

The first two of the new classes, scheduled to start on April 1, will be open for the first time to all Bellissims and the academy community.

The second class will start on March 22, with students receiving a two-hour course in traditional Brazilian Brazilian and Japanese healing, which the academy says will focus solely on Brazilian and Asian traditions.

The third class is scheduled for April 15, and the final class will take place on April 30.