Beauty Academy’s CEO: ‘We’ve been doing this for so long that people have forgotten we exist’

Beauty Academy, the beauty academy that is a major hub in the New York City beauty industry, has been around for a while now.

Founder and CEO of Beauty Academy Ashley Johnson recently told Business Insider that the school started as a “momentum-driven company” in 2015, and that it had been “a big part of the community for a long time.”

Johnson says that the company was originally conceived in 2011 to be a “boutique salon” that would offer women of color a place to learn and learn about beauty and beauty products.

Johnson says that at the time, the company did not have a large presence in New York.

The company has since grown to a large company that operates at nearly 400 campuses and has a presence in nearly every major city in the U.S. The brand’s current location in New Orleans has attracted international attention, and Johnson said that she hopes that it can continue to expand in other cities.

Johnson told Business Wire that Beauty Academy has grown to be the “top” beauty academy in New England, with approximately 15,000 students enrolled.

She said that the number of students is growing rapidly and has become an important part of her vision for Beauty Academy to be successful.

“We’ve had so many students from all over the world,” Johnson said.

“And they’re all coming here for one reason or another.”

The school has seen significant growth in the past few years.

In 2015, Johnson said the school enrolled nearly 6,000 graduates, and in 2017, it had over 4,000.

The number of alumni in the company has also grown, with over 1,000 alumni in 2017 alone.

Johnson said that Beauty Academies success comes from its founder’s love for women and the industry as a whole.

“I love women,” Johnson told The Guardian.

“The whole beauty industry is a really positive, wonderful thing that helps people to live their lives.

We’ve been trying to change the way people look at themselves and the way they look at their lives.”

The Beauty Academy model for women, Johnson says, is to make sure that women have the confidence to wear a foundation and a mascara, and to have confidence in their skin and hair.

“You have to have the tools to make yourself look great,” Johnson added.

Johnson told Businesswire that she sees beauty as an industry that should benefit from an “open door policy” that allows the “people of color who have so much to offer the beauty industry.”

“The beauty industry has been a big part in changing our perception of ourselves and our experiences and our identity,” Johnson explained.

Johnson believes that the way the beauty and makeup industry has developed in recent years has resulted in “people who are really good at their craft being discriminated against,” and that the industry is now “trying to make up for the past by pushing forward with a very different kind of industry that’s really welcoming to everyone.”

She also says that beauty and cosmetics are still viewed as a male-dominated industry that needs to change.

“People need to understand that women are beautiful, and women are not in any way limited to cosmetics,” Johnson emphasized.

“If you’re a woman in a very masculine, upper-middle class setting, you can have makeup and make-up and wear clothes that you want.

If you’re in a more feminine setting, makeup and makeup are not required.

But if you’re an immigrant woman who’s a person of color or a woman of color in a predominantly white community, you have to work harder and do less.

You need to be more assertive and assertive.

You don’t need to wear lipstick.

You can wear eyeliner and mascara and makeup.””

The beauty community is a lot more inclusive than people might think, and I think that we’re going to see a lot of positive change in the beauty community, which is really important,” Johnson concluded.