Why Adam’s Beauty Academy is a scam

Posted November 06, 2018 08:48:25I recently visited Adam’s beauty academy and was introduced to its owner, Adonis, a young man who has a penchant for getting in trouble.

Adonis was in a relationship with a girl at the academy and wanted to use the money he made from the sale of his hair products to pay for her school tuition.

The girls that Adonis works with are not only not happy about him paying for their tuition, they are also angry at him for not paying for the girl’s tuition.

He claims that his daughter is the reason why he has to use his own money.

Adrias family is currently in the process of filing a lawsuit against Adam’s, claiming that Adam’s academy is a “scam” and that they have “no right to the money”.

Adonis claims that he only sells hair products because his daughter wanted to go to college.

In an interview with the local ABC affiliate, Adam’s stated that he has never heard of a family suing him for making money off their daughters tuition.

The family did not respond to a request for comment from Breitbart News.

“I just want to put it to you this way: I’m not going to use your money to pay my daughter’s tuition,” Adonis said.

“It’s her money, and I don’t want her to have to take it.

I don`t want to do it, because I don,t want my daughter to be in debt.”

Adam’s Beauty, which was established in 2003, is a private, for-profit school that provides beauty treatments for children under the age of 18.

Admissis website states that Adam and his daughter graduated high school together and that she is a top student in her class.

The school claims to provide a “high quality” education for students who are enrolled at Adam’s Academy, which is located in a large, suburban area in southern Los Angeles.

The website claims that Adam uses his own personal money to run the school, which it says is “not a government agency.”

“I want to make sure you understand, I don”t have any connection to any government agency, nor do I have any intention of running any government program,” Adam said in a video on the school’s website.

Adam said that he is not the only parent of a child enrolled at the school who has experienced problems with Adam’s.

According to Adam’s website, the school also has a relationship, “with a couple of schools, where my daughter was enrolled, and a couple that I’m associated with.”

In an email to Breitbart News, Adam said that the two schools “were not connected in any way whatsoever.”

He also stated that the school provides education to children from “all over the world,” which is why it has been so difficult to find a school that accepts students from all over the globe.”

But I do want to assure you that the whole process that we go through with this is completely 100 percent our own and our own business.””

So we’re not going through any of that right now.

But I do want to assure you that the whole process that we go through with this is completely 100 percent our own and our own business.”

In addition to the legal action, Adam also is working on an “unrelated legal matter” with the family.

“He is working through some unrelated legal matters that are related to the school,” Adam told the ABC.

“We’re looking into it and we’re hoping to get it resolved as soon as possible.”

While Adonis claims to be a man of integrity, his story of scamming his own daughter has left a bad taste in his mouth.

“She’s never really been happy with what Adam has done to her.

She doesn’t want Adam to be the only person who she has been involved with,” his mother, Mandy, told Breitbart News in an interview.

“I just don’t think that that’s fair to her and she feels that Adam has been an accomplice to that.”

Adam is not a man that would put a woman through what he has done.

He has an honor system in place.

I’m a woman who doesn’t have that kind of honor system, and that’s something that he does not respect.

He is not only going to do this to his daughter, but to anybody who is around him.

I feel like this has really been a slap in the face to her.

“Adonis said that after being confronted by his mother over Adam’s actions, he contacted Adam and asked him to leave.

He didn’t seem to like people, but he was very kind to me. “

Adam has always been a nice guy.

He didn’t seem to like people, but he was very kind to me.

I just feel that he didn’t deserve to be here,” Adiis mother said.