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  • How to make your beauty academy more appealing and profitable

    The beauty academy industry is booming.The growth of the industry is exponential.It is changing the way people perceive beauty and the way beauty professionals treat their clients.We asked five top beauty executives to share their top tips for increasing revenue and making your beauty academies more attractive and profitable.1.Improve the branding of your beauty school:The […]

  • How Douglas Beauty Academy will keep its ‘beauty’ and ‘sport’ focus

    DOUGLAS, Colo.— Douglas Beauty Academies is one of only two remaining “super high-performance” beauty schools in the U.S. and the only one in Colorado that is not owned by the National Organization of Women, said the school’s president, Douglas H. Myers.The academy’s mission is to provide the “most advanced and creative beauty education in the […]

  • How to find beauty in Phoenix?

    The beauty academy in Phoenix, Arizona, which specializes in the production of women’s beauty products, has recently come under fire for its advertisements that include racist, sexist and misogynistic messages, including the following: “When it comes to black people, you don’t have a right to speak, you have a job” and “Black people are lazy, […]

  • Why are some celebrities going into the beauty industry?

    Adele’s husband Paul McCartney was recently quoted saying that he thought of Adele as a “beautiful angel” because of her “beauty”.Paul McCartney’s comments came as the singer has been criticised for the fact that he paid for her private jet on his own, but also for the £40,000 she paid for him to have a […]

  • How to buy beauty products from the world’s leading beauty shops

    The Irish beauty brand, Lorraine’s Beauty Academy, has been named one of the top five beauty shops in the world.It was named best beauty shop in the UK by UK business magazine Beautylish, and one of its most influential outlets by The Huffington Post.Lorraine is owned by global beauty giant, Cosmetics UK.In its annual list […]

  • What you need to know about Westmount Beauty Academy’s $200,000 scholarships

    Westmount beauty Academy is celebrating its 10th anniversary and this year is bringing in new students.The school’s board of trustees are excited to welcome its newest enrolment with a $200k scholarship.It comes after the school was ranked #1 in NSW by NAB as one of the best in the country.Westmount Beauty academy’s new scholarships will […]

  • How to Make a Belly Button for your Black Beauty Academy

    What do you do when your skin is naturally looking like this?Well, you might want to go and get a belly button to replace it.And if you’re not going to go that route, we’ve got a few tips for you.1.Go With a Face and Body ColorBelly buttons have become a trend in recent years, but […]

  • How to make a hijab in 5 minutes

    Make your own hijab from scratch with this tutorial article Make Your Own Hijab in 5 Minutes in Doha, Qatar, a destination for beauty and fashion expats.The Dubai International Beauty Academy (DIAB) and DIAB Qatar have developed a hijab to help young women in Qatar develop their natural beauty.The hijab is made up of a […]

  • How to get more beauty school students to wear makeup

    The beauty academy’s CEO said in a statement that she “hasn’t had time to sit down and review the facts before sharing them publicly” and added that “the Academy has not received any complaints.”The Associated Press reported that some of the women who attended the event had told BuzzFeed News they felt they were not […]

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