How to get rid of your beauty obsession?

The first time Angel Beauty Academy (AWA) owner and founder, Emily Hauschka, saw the potential in the concept she knew it had to be a success.The beauty academy is run by a mother-daughter team of teachers and, after more than two years, is currently looking to expand its reach into the broader beauty community.Hauszka told […] →Read more

How to find the perfect royal beauty academy

Posted October 06, 2018 07:21:48 The beauty industry is often seen as a one-man show and there are very few people who truly know how to run a business.That’s why the best beauty academies are not only for professionals but also for aspiring beauty enthusiasts who want to pursue their passion.These are the best royal […] →Read more

5 ways to create an instant buzz at your beauty academy

A beauty academy that caters to the young and underprivileged is a trend that is sure to gain momentum in the near future.It has been a staple in India for the past few years, and its popularity has seen a massive increase in the past couple of years.But the trend of celebrity endorsements has not […] →Read more

How the Norwest Beauty Academy became a reality for Sydney residents

The Norwest beauty school, a new school for girls, opened on Monday and is now operating 24 hours a day.The school has been accredited by the NSW Council of Beauty and the NSW Department of Health.Norwest opened the doors to its first Sydney classroom on Monday, which was filled with a mix of students, teachers […] →Read more

Beauty Line Antwerp Academy has launched its beauty line in Antwerpen

Antwerps Beauty Line Academy is a brand new beauty line, which is available at the Antwerper Beauty Line, which has been launched in the Antworten.Beauty Line Antworts line is comprised of the beauty line of the Antwaertens, Beauty Line of Antwerpers and Beauty Line Of Antwerns.The line is designed to be a full range of […] →Read more

How to be a ‘real woman’ in the industry

Posted January 10, 2020 08:02:16A new study by a leading UK beauty therapist suggests women are being told to ‘look the part’ even if they are not good-looking.The study, conducted by UK-based beauty school Beauty Academy, has been backed by UK beauty industry body Cosmetics UK and by a number of leading beauty companies including […] →Read more

Beyoncé’s Beauty Academy: The Latest on Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, and More

The new beauty academy was announced on Monday, and the names of the schools are as follows:The new beauty school will be open to all students and will be affiliated with the National Beauty Academy, which offers a full range of education and training opportunities.The new school will include five campuses in Orlando, Los Angeles, […] →Read more

How to make a tattoo that looks real, in real life, with 3D printing

Posted by Ars Technic, September 23, 2020 05:20:38When it comes to designing and creating tattoos, you’ll often see tattoo artists make the mistake of thinking they’re creating something entirely different.They’ll do a 3D model and say, “Look, that’s it!That’s the shape I want!”They’ll paint it, and they’ll use a stylus, and that’s pretty much it.But […] →Read more

Beauty Brands Academy to open in the UK in 2019

The beauty brands academy will open in 2019 in the United Kingdom, according to a company that owns the business.The company, which has already operated in the U.K. and Ireland, announced on Wednesday that the company would be opening a U.S. store and will open a shop in the New York area in 2019.Beauty Brands […] →Read more