How a teen beauty academy inspired a beauty industry with a twist

By Ashley Smith – 02.21.2016The first wave of beauty academies, started in the early 90s, were aimed at young people, but it soon became evident that this was not the only way in which the industry could be shaped.The success of the first wave is partly down to the fact that it was created by […] →Read more

Why a new beauty academy in France is killing beauty professionals

A French beauty academy is killing professional beauty professionals in France.The Academie de la Beauty de la Marche, or “the Beauty Academy,” has been operating in the French capital since December 2015.The academy, which boasts more than 300 graduates, has been accused of violating the rules on the establishment of an NGO.The school has also […] →Read more

Which beauty academies are the best in the world?

With so many of the top beauty schools in the UK already offering courses in skin care and skincare, it’s no wonder why many are now expanding their offerings.So what are the UK’s best and most comprehensive beauty schools?Here’s a look at some of the best, from the most prestigious to the most affordable. →Read more

Broadway beauty academy to be renamed after ‘beauty queen’ who died of cancer

The Broadway Beauty Academy will be renamed, NBC News has learned.Sources told NBC News that the move will be made in order to honor the late Jasmine Gentry, who died in May 2017 after battling cancer.Gentry was born in the Bronx in 1935 and rose to prominence on Broadway during the 1940s, and became known […] →Read more

How to win over women’s beauty experts and win the ladies hearts

People’s love of beauty can be a lot of things, but sometimes it can be downright selfish.The beauty industry is a big business, and it’s not easy to get people to want to invest in your business.So how do you make the decision to invest your time in someone who could help you win over […] →Read more

How to make your beauty academy more appealing and profitable

The beauty academy industry is booming.The growth of the industry is exponential.It is changing the way people perceive beauty and the way beauty professionals treat their clients.We asked five top beauty executives to share their top tips for increasing revenue and making your beauty academies more attractive and profitable.1.Improve the branding of your beauty school:The […] →Read more

Which Beauty Academy’s founder is worth more than $500 million?

A woman who founded an all-female beauty academy in Florida has been linked to $500 billion in real estate deals.According to the New York Times, the company, Beauty Academy Inc., is worth an estimated $500 to $1.5 billion and employs about 20,000 people, including its founder, Lisa L. Williams.Williams has built the school into a […] →Read more

Which NFL teams should I watch in 2017?

Jenson Beauty Academy is an NFL training camp facility.(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)  The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) recently announced that its Board of Directors will soon meet to consider whether to begin the process of seeking a new collective bargaining agreement with the league.The board will meet in Los Angeles on Thursday.Here are five things to […] →Read more

Birmingham school district seeks $20M for beauty academy

The Birmingham School District is seeking a record $20 million from the federal government for a new program to help children with special needs.The district plans to build the new facility at the former Birmingham Beauty Academy, which opened in 2008.It will also add a second new facility that will offer mentorship and educational opportunities […] →Read more

How Douglas Beauty Academy will keep its ‘beauty’ and ‘sport’ focus

DOUGLAS, Colo.— Douglas Beauty Academies is one of only two remaining “super high-performance” beauty schools in the U.S. and the only one in Colorado that is not owned by the National Organization of Women, said the school’s president, Douglas H. Myers.The academy’s mission is to provide the “most advanced and creative beauty education in the […] →Read more