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Angels Institute of beauty & wellness is a academy of beauty institutes which inspire the youth to participate in the phenomenal growth of worldwide beauty industry. in the present scenario when a career in beauty has created ripples in the beauty industry. we proclain ourselves to be owner of education in beauty. as appearance management has become prior in any profession and in our personal lives too, education in beauty gives many aspiring students a base to thrive on. at angels, we are committed to promote the beauty industry as a whole, hence our every endeavour is to produce a workforce which has a capability to live with one of the most beautiful career in th eowrld in the most deserving way. we deliver world class training and certification and placement in jobs.

Terms and conditions of enrolment
  • I (which expression includes the parent/guardian who has signed this contract) hereby apply to enrol in the course commencing indicated on the Application for Admission form. I agree that on acceptance of the Application by the institute.The Acceptance will become the Contract of Enrolment and further I agree to abide by the following terms and conditions of enrolment:
  • I agree that it is a condition of my enrolment that I achieve satisfactory academic progress throughout my course at a rate that will enable me to complete the course in the nominated duration.
  • I agree that I am required to use my best endeavours to meet the requirements of the course selected and to abide by the rules and regulations of ANGELS. I understand that if I breach any of the institute’s rules or my behaviour is deemed unacceptable by the academy, my enrolment may be cancelled and I may not be entitled to any refund of the course fees or other charges paid to the institute under the Contract as applicable at that time. (Information on ANGELS policies, rules and regulations is located on the website (put website's link)
  • I agree that all lessons and any related material supplied by the institute are copyright, remain the property of the institute and must be returned to the academy on completion of the course. I understand that any unauthorised copying may constitute a breach of the Copyright Act 1968 (as amended).
  • Course fees do include the cost of material; while those things are usually required I agree to purchase these notes,material and things where required by the institute.
  • I agree to advise the academy of any change of my address and/or contact details while I am enrolled in any course.
  • ANGELS maintains a Privacy Policy which can be viewed at (put website's link). In addition to the provisions of this policy, I authorise the academy to release administrative information concerning my performance at the institute (including academic progress and attendance information) to any person who may lawfully require that information, as well as parents/guardians, agents and potential employers. If I do not agree, I must advise the institute in writing.
  • I understand that should a new version of the beauty courses be endorsed and released by the relevant authorities, the institute must manage the transition of its students to the new version in accordance with the professional skills and directions and that this circumstance does not constitute Provider Default.
  • I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Complaints, Grievances and Appeals Policy outlined in this document, and published on the website (put website's link)
  • I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to the terms of the Withdrawals Deferral and Refunds Policy outlined in this document, and published on the website at (put website's link)
  • I confirm that the terms and conditions have been made available to me prior to enrolling and understand that any variation of those stated terms and conditions of the Contract must be provided in writing and be signed by an authorised officer of the institute.
  • conditions attaching to offers: the offer of a place at ANGELS is valid only at the time it is made. our acceptance is conditional upon:
  • completion of the declaration to acceptance contained in the registration form,which must be signed by the personal(s) who are paying the students's fees;
  • payment of the non-returnable registration fee and payment of a security deposit;
  • the receipt of a satisfactory reference/transcript from the students's previous school,plus a completed medical declaration;
  • we do not accept responisibility for the provision of any services that are not expressly mentoined in the menu.
  • once your form has been received, and the enrolment confirmed, a binding contract exists between you and institute.
  • payments may not be made in instalments.
  • the person signing the application takes responsibility for paying all required fees.

The institute reserves the right to change the particulars of the services, including changes to prices, courses, facilities and dates of programs where circumstances beyond the academy’s control necessitate such changes or where the level of enrolments does not reach the minimum numbers required to operate a course viably.


Students and their parents or guardians agree that the student’s photo, video footage, details and achievements may be used for promotional purposes without written consent or notification. If you do not agree, please advise the institute in writing.

icipating Angels Institute of Beauty & Wellness  PAN India.

  • The slabs of the scheme can be changed by Angels Institute of Beauty & Wellness  from time to time.


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