Toronto Raptors Bring Beautiful Madness to NBA Playoffs

It’s often said that the first game in a best-of-seven series is a feeling game, and in the case of the Raptors — who were defeated by Philadelphia in Game 1 last weekend — they’ll likely need the case.

In the series opener, Toronto had some sort of Murphy’s Law performance in defense: just about anything that could go wrong did go wrong.

  • The Raptors’ intricate web on D, like the myriad inner parts of an expensive wristwatch, accomplished its main purpose, holding scoring champion Joel Embiid and future Hall of Famer James Harden together just 11-of-32 of the field.
  • But by paying so much attention to that duo to stifle his score, the other Sixers players had a field day, with guard Tyrese Maxey noting a 38-point playoff career and Tobias Harris having 26 points on just 14 shots.
  • Philadelphia, which hit 16 of its 32 triples in the afternoon, finished with 29 assists and made no turnovers until the third period.

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